which I happen to have lying around

Some expensive ... some not so expensive ... some downright cheap ...                                                               
... some good ... some bad ... some ugly ...
                                                                                                          ... but all mine

Obviously a more systematic treatment of the whole pile is in order...
                                                     ... when I get around to it.

The Knights duke it out

Resin casting of a "Leipzig" (?) set
mid-1800s J. Jaques elephant ivory tournament set

Uh-oh, trouble ...

A surprise charge by knights from Milton-Bradley

Fortunately this Mexican bone set is well-equipped for defence, with dagger-wielding pawns.

Chess is not normally considered a game in which one has to watch one's blood pressure.
(Although Ivan the Terrible died of apoplexy during a game.
I suppose he could just as well have died of apoplexy playing Sudoku.)
To get into real trouble, start with the right set.
For some alarming specimens, see the
Chess Sets from Hell.