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Strange C-96 jam

This is my scan of page 303 of The Gun Digest Book of FIREARMS ASSEMBLY/DISASSEMBLY Part I: Automatic Pistols, Revised Edition, by J. B. Wood (DBI Books, 1990). In the note at bottom, Wood notes a problem if the rocker coupling is installed backwards.

I have tried to test this, but have never been able to assemble the gun with the rocker coupling in the wrong position. Whatever position I try, the coupling either falls out spontaneously, or the gun won't go together at all. However, someone with talents I apparently lack may be able to do it, and will then want to proceed to .... another J. B. Wood book, Gunsmithing: The Tricks of the Trade (DBI Books, 1982, currently out of print), for the fix -

The Gun Digest Book of FIREARMS ASSEMBLY/DISASSEMBLY Part I: Automatic Pistols is still in print, though now in its Second Edition (1999), not to be confused with the Revised Edition (1990). The publisher is now Krause Publications. The coverage has been increased from "58 Popular Autoloaders" to "72 Popular etc" - see the listing at for the table of contents.

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