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C-96 Parts Explosion

This diagram, or something much like it, commonly apears with the parts numbered. However, the numbers aren't standardized and so are of little use. I haven't used numbers here. The part names I use are taken partially from an English-language version of the M-30 owner's manual, partly from J.B.Wood's Firearms Assembly and Disassembly, Part 1: Automatic Pistols, and partly from what I judge to be modern usage.
The vast majority of semiauto C-96s had the parts shown in the main explosion. Schnellfeuers were substantially different.

Cone Hammers and some early Large Ring Hammers had the parts shown as "early trigger subframe assembly" and "early firing pin". They also had a slightly different rear sight with a pivot pin (not illustrated).

Cone Hammers and Large Ring Hammers had the parts shown as "early lock assembly". The safety, rocker plunger, and lock frame (and of course the hammer) were different from later guns.

Cone Hammers, Large Ring Hammers, and early Small Ring Hammers had the "early ... extractor".

my name M-30 manual Firearms Assembly/Disassembly
bolt stop recoil spring abutment bolt retainer
bolt lock locking block locking block
firing pin striker  
firing pin spring retractor spring  
sear spring hammer pin sear lever spring, hammer pivot
rocker plunger coupling plunger  
rocker coupling coupling  
takedown latch retaining latch  
frame body  
cartridge follower magazine carrier  
magazine spring carrier spring  
floorplate floor plate  
floorplate catch floor plate locking pin floorplate latch
grip panels grips  
sight leaf sight leaf  
sight spring sight leaf spring  
sight slider slide  
sight slider button slide catch  
sight slider spring catch spring  
disconnector   sear lever
lock frame   sub-frame

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